Ireland - Frank Delaney

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Ireland - Frank Delaney

Postby acrisalves » 23 Mar 2005 13:21


# Hardcover 576 pages (February 1, 2005)
# Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
# ISBN: 0060563486
# Category(ies): Fiction

'Every wonderful story begins with the immortal words, "Once upon a time." Never did a phrase ring so true as it will this evening. I have come to this hospitable and decent house to continue my life's work, to do what I do every night of the year. And that is to tell the story of Ireland.

The tale I shall render you this evening concerns the most brilliant Irishman of all time. He was the Architect of Newgrange -- but, as all stories should, it begins before its own beginning. And that was a long, long time ago, before there was ever a place called Newgrange, before there was ever an Architect to build its famous work, even before there was a country called Ireland. '

Born in southern Ireland, Frank Delaney has established a wide following as an author and broadcaster. The Irish media calls Delaney "a storyteller in the purest Irish tradition, a conjuror with words." If you have the opportunity to see him, don't miss it!

Editado já há algum tempo em versão paperback, a harpercollins vai re-editar no mês de Agosto este livro em versão HardBack - não sei se conhecem as edições da HarperCollins (vulgo BCA), mas costumam ser boazinhas :D e foi por causa desta re-edição que me deparei com o livro que me parece interessante

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