Tales of the rose tree - Jane Brown

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Tales of the rose tree - Jane Brown

Postby acrisalves » 28 Mar 2005 14:17

Tales of the rose tree


# Paperback 320 pages (April 18, 2005)
# Publisher: Perennial
# ISBN: 0007129963

The Rose Tree - or rhododendron - has made a greater impact on the English landscape than any other plant. Brought to Britain from the Himalayas two hundred years ago by fortune-hunting plant collectors, the rhododendron now symbolises all things suburban. But as Jane Brown shows in this beautifully written and gloriously illustrated celebration, the rhododendron just about conquered the world. From the pleasure gardens of the Aztecs to the medicine cabinets of the Chinese, from the sun-baked hillsides of Kashmir to the Alpine peaks of New Zealand, the rhododendron settled, adapted and thrived. Following its progress through time and across the globe, The Rose Tree is an enchanting and surprising history of this most familiar of plants.

Quem abre à espera de um livro romântico, surpreenda-se com uma história da viagem das plantas... :)

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