European Union as the Fifth Empire

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European Union as the Fifth Empire

Postby Ordie » 30 May 2006 23:38

[size=50]Experimental work at creating an Emotional, Quasi-Demagogical Political Essay[/color]

Four empires of legendary history: Greek, Persian, Mesopotamian, Roman. These four have imprinted their importance in their eras and remained throughout history as nothing less of time marks of their lands and people. These's cultures remain the most astonishing ones to have ever graced the earth, and historians and common folk alike have been bathed by the wondrous remains of their ruined magnificence. Now, in the 21st century, from the ashes of the Fourth, the dream of an Empire awakens.

The Fifth Empire of prophecy has been claimed to have been many powers in the “contemporaneous world”; from the USSR, the USA, England's colonial Empire; the wannabe proposals are numberless. I see in the rising European Union the top contender to fill the role. Just think of it: all countries in Europe (admittedly, not all are in the Union yet, but the way politics are progressing, we will doubtlessly see the inclusion of the remaining ones, and see them, along with the organization, thrive) united in one. The most concentrated center of science, history and arts in the world, as one. Almost unimaginable, don't you agree?

The way it is bound to happen, the European Union is to become a super-state, as so forecasted lately (just a fancy word for those wishing, blindly, to avoid the word Empire – for what is an Empire if not a collection of countries, their sovereignty barely, if at all, kept, controlled by a centralized Government?). These countries will share economy, international relations, currency, culture and military – worth noting that most of these are already shared among member countries of the EU. The issue at hand now is to make the general public understand that giving up their sovereignty is for best (and very possibly, the only) way to rise Europe to the Number One World Power once again; for it's not an hegemony granted by singular wars that will last against the winds of time. As I write, the once-mighty power of the USA starts to fade as international opinion slowly turns against them. Equally as strong, the cries for self-restriction ring loudly in the very American territory. Terrorism was the start of their end; we will be the final deathblow on a crippled power.

We, with our victory in managing to congregate the Nations of Europe, shall bring accomplishments galore. For one, being an unopposed power, we shall fear no military threat. Progress-winged, we shall bring technology and development to all corners of our territory, along with riches and culture. The flawed society adopted now shall be replaced by one bound to vanguardist values. Liberty and wisdom shall be our cornerstones.

There are, however, critics who fully oppose this ideology, however. Blind, they refuse to let go of pseudo-individuality and nationalist for whatever greater good. They fail to see the beauty of this grand plan: just like now, specific in-country regions have their own sub-culture, details and features. That does not mean they hold secession as a goal (in fact, from so many multi-cultured countries, the only case which proves to be a (dim) supporter of the above counter argument is the Basque Nationalism) – on the contrary; we are united through differences. Europe was born from the rubble of countless wars – those are part of our incomparable history, and the very foundation of our need for union. We admit to being all different from each other, but I blatantly refuse to accept that as a synonym for divided.

The Euro was a success, progressively growing in value in the international markets. Most of us are already united under a single currency – the path for an international economy is paved. The only mistake that could be committed now would be to waste such a major opportunity.

At our reach, a new age of power. At the same reach, mediocrity, defeat and submissiveness to another power. What to choose? The answer appears pretty obvious to me. Only one last, symbolic, question remains: the name to choose. United States of Europe seems like too much of a copy of our transatlantic friends to even be considered. Perhaps European Empire?
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