Our Warmth

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Our Warmth

Postby Ordie » 31 May 2006 15:41

Emjabment fans rejoice :ph34r:

Get out of your rash shadowless
Hiding place amongst the wild woods
Where beasts can see you and thieves can
Too. Come, embrace the dim sunlight,
Yellow and warm, my gift to thee.
Cherish it every morning's dawn
Either Autumn’s, Spring's, Winter's but
Not in the hot Summer day, for
I reserve that as my own, so
I can wake up next to you, be
Light-emitter lover, blissful
Breeze-touch and grass-touch caresser.
Expect me to be the soothing
Summer night's rain, for when I
Exist in that natural dusk-
Dream, I will rain down the hill slope
From the clouds, down to the deep blue
Sea, one with the land and one with
You - to be one with the horizon,
One with the ever darkened skies.
Don't stop being that, entice strong
Tulip scent upon us both, now
With midnight and midday's graceful
Virtue. The flock has been set loose,
So have been the tall wild horses
Upon the blooming meadow fields.
Let us run with them, let us be
Free and liberated by their
Passion run, theirs but shared with us.
Get out of your humid cave, be
Warmed by the sun that is mine, that
Is yours, that is ours. That is all's.
He who thinks greatly must<br />err greatly.

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